TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Be Sustainable: Green 5 podcast by Ryan
We’re happy to see that Blog Love is catching on around the Blogosphere. This week Be Sustainable starts it’s new Green 5 podcast series with it’s favourite Green Blogs and TH is in there – yipeee! Each episode of the Green 5 covers 5 thoughts, ideas, actions, links or resources on a green/sustainable theme.

City Hippy: Plastic bag trees by Becky
‘On a particularly windy day recently I did happen to look up as the sun was out (at last!) and noticed how many bags were caught up in trees - hanging down as little reminders of how we are getting through SO MANY plastic bags.’

Evaneco: Carnival of the Green #24 by Don Bosch
This week the Carnival has found religion and animals. ‘With environmental stewardship comes an obligation to remember all the other critters with which we share this good earth.’ God’s creatures featured include penguins, sharks, cattle, poultry and salmon.Sustainablog: Oil's Not Well - Short-Sighted Responses to the High Price of Gas by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg. ‘The folks at the Oil Drum have put together a pretty powerful indictment of the rhetoric coming out of Washington in response to high gas prices, and make some meaningful suggestions that are apparently beyond the average politician's imagination.’

World Changing: Wired Magazine - The Next Green Revolution by Sarah Rich. ‘As we've mentioned several times recently, spring 2006 is arriving amid a sustainability frenzy, heralded by an explosion of media coverage on all things green.’ Now it’s the turn of Wired Magazine to launch their ‘green issue’.