TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Eco-Chick: Knock, Knock - Knockers - and Knocked Up by Summer Rayne Oakes. For eco-mums to be Summer Rayne gets all saucy with some Earth.Mama.Angel.Baby moisterising oil. "Massage this light, luscious oil onto your growing middle section, hips and breasts "

Exuberant Pantaphobia: Carnival Of The Green 22 by Lee Schnaiberg
The travelling CotG is quite something. It's like this huge sticky rolling blobject that travels through the green-blogsphere, picking up stories from all nooks and crannies, collecting them up as it spans far and wide...

Grist: Don't Discount Him - An interview with Wal-Mart CEO H. Lee Scott by Amanda Griscom Little. For many enviros, the name "Wal-Mart" has always triggered a shudder. But it's precisely Wal-Mart's size and reach that could make it a powerful force for good for the planet, say market observers and a growing number of activists.

Groovy Green: Cast Your Ballot! Green Sites Recognized For Webby Awards!
Thanks to Groovy Green for bigging up TreeHugger this week and encouraging people to vote for us in the Webby Awards. We might be just behind the Cute Overload blog, but we know that you know that we're a lot cuter and more strokable than a puppy! Please, pretty please with a cherry on top, show us some Blog Love.

Inhabitat: Big Dig House
by Evelyn Lee
Constructed with over 600,000lbs of recycled materials, this is the house that Boston's Big Dig built -- or more precisely, a house that engineer, Paul Pedini, built with the design expertise of John Hong from Single Speed Design in Cambridge, Massachusetts.