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City Hippy: Debate - Ethical Fast Food? By Al
Is an ethical company still an ethical company when it is owned, in part or whole, by an "unethical" company? Interesting discussion on MacDonalds owning part of Pret A Manger.

EcoStreet: Carnival of the Green no.13 by Tracy Stokes
It’s showtime! Welcome to the 13th edition of Carnival of the Green, the weekly compendium of eco-friendly and sustainable blog posts from the green blogosphere.

Land + Living: Professor Hardin, I presume? by James Lippincott
At the University of Arizona in Tucson, Mary Hardin has established a sort of desert Southwest counterpart to Mockbee's famed Rural Studio.

Rustle The Leaf: Leave It Green Podcast by Dan Wright & Dave Ponce
Environmental Comics, talk with each other and with guests about the environment, comics, and pretty much anything else they want.

WorldChanging: Global Warming Maps by Jamais Cascio
X-Maps appears to be a search interface for Google Maps. Buried within the site, however, is a listing of well over a hundred different locations in the US that produce large-scale emissions of CO2.

TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week
EcoStreet: Carnival of the