Text to Plant a Tree During Rockefeller Tree-Lighting Ceremony

rockefeller center tree photo

Photo via wolfsavard via Flickr CC

If you're planning to attend - or watch on TV, or even just think about - the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Rockefeller Center tonight, there's a way you can take action while oooohh-ing and aaaahh-ing over the lights. By sending a quick text message, you can make sure a tree is planted on your behalf. NBC Universal has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to do something extra special and green during the annual ceremony. It's the "Green is Universal initiative" and the hope is to plant 500,000 trees.

All you have to do is text TREE or NBCU to 46833 when prompted during tonight's broadcast of the event starting around 6:45 EST. A tree will be planted on your behalf, and you'll do a tiny bit to help reduce carbon in our atmosphere. And, if you're TV-less, you can also participate online at www.arborday.org and www.greenisuniversal.com.

This year's tree is bound to be spectacular. NBC reports, "Today, the 76-foot Norway spruce from the Easton, Conn. home of fifth-grade teacher Maria Corti stands patiently awaiting in its darkened 30,000 multicolored light bulb gown and Swarovski crystallized star crown."

We'll need a lot of trees to offset all those lights, so please remember to send a text tonight to help get half a million new trees in the ground.

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