Texas Coal Wars Opens Next Week

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Image source: Fighting Goliath Film

Fighting Goliath: Texas Coal Wars, documents how a group of citizens stood up to the proposed development of 19-coal-fired power plants in central and east Texas. Mayors, ranchers, CEOs, community groups, legislators, lawyers and citizens, who might otherwise have had nothing in common, all joined together for different reasons but one purpose: to stop the states' fast-track approval of coal-plant construction. The group eventually came to include over 36 cities and local government offices across the state.

Robert Redford narrates the movie and says that he got involved because he was so inspired by the movie. Both the idea that these different interests could still come together for the environment and also that we can move towards renewable energy supplies. Redford hopes the movie inspires other communities to band together, both for battling coal or working for environmental justice in their area. The film has already opened in Texas and will be shown in Utah and Nevada next week, where several coal plants are also planned for construction.Screenings are planned throughout Texas, Utah, Nevada and Arkansas and the website has exact dates and times. If you're interested in hosting a film in your town, you can check out the website for screening ideas.

:Fighting Goliath: Texas Coal Wars Film
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