Terry Towel Toys


They are so cute--who can resist these stuffed polar bears, elephants, and rabbits--all made of recycled towels. Andreas Linzner has been fascinated with fabric, particularly with terry cloth, since his youth. He haunted flea-markets for the best patterns and colours, paying attention to the size and shape of the loopy bits and the feel and quality of the terry. Terry cloth originated in the Middle East and really took off after the industrial revolution with the development of looms. Trained as a tailor, he started making animals from the old towels, ensuring, with his disciplined eye, that fabrics are cut carefully so that the patterns match at the edges and the design fits the form of the animal. From such humble beginnings a theme developed, and now even a hip shop in Hamburg. He has expanded his business in retro-chic towelling to include big towels, toiletry bags, hot water bottles and cushions (with Hamburg imprinted on them). There is even a recycled terry postcard to send to your favourite bath-mate. Andreas Linzner will make bespoke animals if you give the fabric to him—now we know what to do with those ratty, thinning, faded towels, left over from university days. :: Andreas Linzner Via :: Style Will Save Us

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