Terracycle and Friends finds a Home in New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal

terracycle port authority pop up store photo

Terracycle has opened the world's largest "green" pop-up store in NYC's Port Authority building. Image credit: Terracycle

There was a time when the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan was little more than place to catch a bus. Things are changing, however, for the terminal—once listed as one of the 10 ugliest buildings in the world—and TerraClycle's new store in Blank SL8 is part of that change.

terracycle pop up products photo

Some of the items on sale at the pop-up store. Image credit: TerraCycle

Founded by the Times Square Alliance and the Fashion Center BID, Blank SL8 is a retail space reserved for pop-up stores featuring products from innovative local designers.

Times Square Alliance President Tim Tompkins explained:

Since its inauguration in 2008, Blank SL8 has introduced creative products to shoppers along 8th Avenue and to commuters at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and has become a destination for people interested in the forefront of design and fashion.

He added that, with the introduction of the TerraCycle store, "they will find the best in innovative, sustainable products under one roof."

In addition to a full range of TerraCycle products, the store will feature items from RESTORE Clothing, RePlayGround, and many others. One percent of all sales will be donate to Riverkeeper, the leading clean water advocate for New York.

TerraCycle will also use the space to collect 30 different non-recyclable waste-streams—transforming it into the largest upcycling center in the world. Consumers who bring waste to the store will receive a discount on the products they purchase.

Barbara Randall, president of the Fashion Center BID, commented:

I can think of no more appropriate anchor to Blank Sl8 during Earth Month than TerraCycle, a company built on innovation and sustainability.

Certainly, this unique pop-up store is an ideal place to shop while in New York City this Earth Month.

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