Tell HSBC What You Think About Green (Video)

Why am I encouraging you to watch what is essentially a piece of advertising for HSBC? I'll open up the curtain a little bit here. A couple days ago I got an email from HSBC's PR agency about this event—which is happening in New York City on Thursday July 16th, 12-8pm in Madison Square Park, by the way. They pointed out it would be a good opportunity for TreeHugger readers to speak their minds on environmental issues, and possibly have them included in an online ad campaign. I've tossed it back and forth a couple times, and this is why I think people should show up:Don't Forget This is More PR Than Free Speach
This could actually be an interesting opportunity to spread a truly green message: As long as no one deludes themselves into thinking that this is anything other than a big PR stunt. You've got nothing to lose by participating and even if nothing green gets used in the ad campaign, it's a chance to present green values in a quasi-public forum.

Just make sure that what's presented is hard hitting: Strong emission reductions targets for greenhouse gases, emphasizing following the best science and not political expediency; the importance of diet and agricultural shift in combatting climate change; the importance of renewable energy, energy conservation and energy efficiency—and that people can make a difference in demanding this through purchases of green power; the importance of quality of life not being linked to quantity of things.

OK, I could go on, but I'm sure readers have equally good ideas. So, if you live in New York and have a bit of time free on Thursday, head over to Madison Square Park. Step up on the HSBC branded soapbox. Tell everyone what you value in green (or whatever other issues really matter to you...)

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