Teens Help Low-Income Families Go Green With RelightNY


That’s right, led by Avery Hairston the founder of RelightNY they headed on over to the Genesis RFK apartments in NYC last Saturday to deliver their first shipment of CFL’s to low income families. What’s it like to live in the Genesis RFK apartments? Well, they're actually a project of HELP USA for families who often used to be homeless; providing services like medical services, employment services, alcohol and narcotics anonymous meetings on site, GED classes, parenting classes, on-site security and even classes for kids too that can help them raise their level of skill in any number of areas. Let’s face it, being homeless is probably one of the most difficult challenges anyone can face, and having taught a couple of homeless students in my career I can say for sure that an environment like this is one they all could benefit from. Thankfully the families at this oasis now get the chance to go green right along with the rest of us. And that’s important, because if we’re going to succeed in making this planet sustainable the reality is that we all have to be able to go green, and not just those who we like to think can afford to do it on their own. Now where are the teens running RelightNY heading next? Who knows, but with a dedication to educating low-income families about CFL’s and a focus on corporate fundraising to make it happen I’m certain they’ll succeed.