Technical Question: How is the Website Working for You?

We'd like to know what your experience with TreeHugger as a website is like. How fast does it load in your web browser? Does it sometimes not load properly and you have to reload (1% of the time? 10%?)? Is the loading speed fairly constant, or sometimes does it load fast (at certain hours of the day?) and sometimes slow? Any problems with certain web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, etc) that don't happen with others? We've been working hard behind the scenes to keep the browsing experience enjoyable and transparent for you, but because of our massive growth in traffic in the past year, it has sometimes been hard to keep up. Right now, we're aware that the column on the right loads kind of slowly and we're working on it. Please let us know what your experience browsing TreeHugger has been like in the comments. Thank you.