Teach Kids Creativity and Composting with Organic Stuffed Animals

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Keeping your kids' toybox green is one of the most daunting challenges as an eco-friendly parent--it requires you to keep a constant lookout for toxic dyes, fabrics, materials, paint, and plastic while giving your little ones the variety and inspiration they need for creative, imaginative play.
Stock your playroom with children's books (some of our favorites have kid-friendly environmental message), wooden toys, and hands-on activities--and then fulfill your stuffed-friend quotient with Aminals, a new line of plush toys made from organic everything: fabric, stuffing, thread, and vegetable dye. The 11 different characters--including four people and seven animals, from a dog and a bear to a dinosaur and a whale--were designed as a nod to childhood line drawings, complete with mis-proportioned legs and different-sized eyes in bright colors and soft fabrics. They're also certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard--meaning the working conditions are "humane, safe, and hygenic" (and that your kid's favorite friend wasn't made by another kid).

But kids grow out of even the most sustainable toys--which is why the team behind Aminals took its green process even further, making the toys entirely biodegradable. The website includes directions for burying the toys (after a "long, happy, well-loved life," of course) in a compost bin, where they'll decompose and enrich the soil. In as little as six months, your kids will see how their Aminals go from comfy toy to bio-nutrient (that is, if they're ever willing to give them up).

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