Teach In + Dance Party


Continuing his relentless campaign to raise public awareness about climate change, Al Gore is now training citizens around the world that have access to a laptop and projector to give their own version of his Inconvenient Truths slideshow. Last week, I had the pleasure to attend one of these sessions in New York City’s infamous Knitting Factory.

Dubbed the ‘Teach-in + Dance Party,’ the event employed arts as a means to educate New Yorkers about climate change. Having undergone the training in Nashville, TN in December 2006, Chis Neidl the Education and Outreach Coordinator of Solar One, presented his version of the Inconvenient Truths slideshow for the first time at the party.The event also featured Brian Savelson’s short animated film ‘Counting Water’ which you can watch here and vote for in the Slamdance film Festival. Brooklyn based artist Charles Harlan showed his installation ‘Green Lights,’ a commentary on the importance of turning lights off and Trent Wolbe from WFMU and other DJ’s got event participants dancing.

Event organizer Jennifer Su from the group ‘Delicious Beverages,’ said that last week’s ‘Teach-in + Dance Party,’ was the first of a series of events with the aim to raise awareness about pressing social and environmental issues in a positive and fun way. Members of the group ‘Delicious Beverages,’ staff from Solar One and Build It Green NYC helped make the event a success.

Keep an eye open for ‘Hot Party’ another New York based group that plans to combine education with parties. Their first party is slated for February with the goal to raise enough money to create a national public awareness campaign about global warming and simple steps that ordinary citizens can take to mitigate the effects.

By creating and submitting a short film to the Treehugger Convenient Truths Video contest, you too can leverage art and be part of the solution! ::