Taylor Swift Donates Prom Dress, Miss USA Goes Green, and More

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Country cutie Taylor Swift has earned major accolades as both a singer and a style icon. Now, she's opening up her closet and recycling the one gown her fans haven't seen her wear; her prom dress. Taylor donated her Jessica McClintock gown to Donate My Dress ; which launched a national drive to help girls find their dream dress. "I chose to give away this prom dress because I wore it once and loved it! To keep it around, hanging there all by itself and lonely in the closet, never to be worn again seemed a little pointless. I want another girl somewhere to feel good in it and have a great prom night because of this dress," said Taylor. Thanks: People Magazine

Gwyneth's Spring Cleaning:

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Greenie Gwyneth is a big fan of the eco-lifestyle. So, when it comes to cleaning out her closet, she knows its better for mother earth to donate than trash her rarely worn designer goods. The actress, who just started work on Ironman 2, says she got motivated to redo her wardrobe since her latest acting gig puts her in Los Angeles. "I never know what to wear in LA (are those pajamas???) and inexplicably, I am always freezing here (New York City)," blogs Gwyneth on her website GOOP.
In keeping with the idea of shopping in your closet, before you splurge on a whole new wardrobe, Gwyneth found things she'd never wear again and decided to eBay some of her outdated things to raise money for the Robin Hood Foundation.

Miss USA Reigns Green:

 Miss USA Green logo photo

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Miss USA is getting a green makeover. This year's crown is going to be eco-friendly. Diamond Nexus Labs, the creator of the world's most techologically advanced man-made gemstones, is the official jewely sponsor for the Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss Teen USA. The gemstones are all created with no toxic byproducts or pollutants. Just in care you care, the greener Miss USA will be crowned April 19th in Las Vegas.

Courteney's Do-Good Easter Eggs:

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Courteney Cox and her hubby David Arquette used their artistic talents for a good cause. The charitable couple were among the celebs who decorated Easter eggs and packed backpacks of food for the Feeding America event held in LA. For every egg a celebrity decorated, the United Egg Producers donated one truckload of eggs (300 thousand eggs) to a food bank across the country. As result of the event, a total of 44 truckloads of eggs are being delivered. The celebrity-designed eggs will be auctioned off on Clothes Off Our Back.

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