Get your fall tattoos now: Tater Tats offers temporary pumpkin and fruit tattoos

Tater Tats fall tattoos
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Pumpkin shortage got you down? Try a temporary tattoo that helps to fund urban agriculture education, organic orchards, and small farms.

This spring, I urged you to tattoo your kids to get them to eat more veggies, and now that it's fall, I'm here to tell you that because of this year's impending pumpkin shortage, you might be better off getting a pumpkin tattoo than an actual pumpkin to make dessert with. And thanks to Tater Tats, getting one or more Cucurbita pepo on (and off) your skin is as easy as pie, because it now has a few more foodie-friendly temporary tattoo options for sale.

Successfully launched via a Kickstarter project back in March, Tater Tats is a fun product that lets you wear your heart on your sleeve, so to speak, while also supporting small farms, organic orchards, and urban agriculture education. Founder Jenna Weiler pledged 10% of Tater Tats' profits to "the farmers and food projects that inspire us," and since the launch of the original project, Tater Tats has now added a total of five farms that it contributes to (details on what those contributions were used for here), as well as an education fund.

In addition to the original vegetable tattoo packs, Tater Tats has also recently released some new sets of tattoos, a Fruit pack (which will help fund an organic orchard), an Urban Roots pack (contributing to an educational fund), and yes, the Pumpkin Patch, which will help make Halloween and beyond a much more pumpkin-ier place.

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The Fruit pack includes apple, pear, strawberry, and cherry tattoos, and 10% of the profits from the sale of these will go toward buying fruit trees for an orchard at Full Hollow Farm (Belding, Michigan). The Urban Roots pack features tattoos of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and hot peppers, as well as an "eat real food" tattoo, and supports an education fund at the Grand Rapids, Michigan, organization.

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