"(Tar) Balls in Your Mouth" - Jimmy Fallon's BP Spill Song


Photo via A Natural Day

It's been a really crappy week -- what with the definitive death of climate legislation in the Senate and the ongoing fallout from the BP Gulf spill and all. So, suffice to say that I needed this: A hilarious video from Jimmy Fallon tackling the BP spill in the most juvenile way possible. Thanks Jimmy, I truly needed "(Tar)Balls in Your Mouth." Video is after the jump. Heads up, it's a tad off color (as if you didn't guess from the title ...):

And thus Fallon joins the pantheon of other great BP spill tunes that have already made their way out of the Gulf -- like Drew Landry's folk tune, which he had the gall to perform in front of the government's Oil Spill Commission panel.

Keep the tunes coming, folks -- something's got to keep us from lapsing into depression over here.

Hat tip to Climate Progress

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