Tap Project and the International Year of Sanitation: What Lurks Beneath

Pan out to a dark and shadowy forest; as the camera turns to focus on a river's murky waters, an ominous voice begins to speak. "Foul creatures . . . footprint of death and disease," the voice somberly warns; but this isn't an ad for the latest teen horror flick - no, it's a new Boston's Hill, Holliday-produced ad intended to raise awareness about Tap Project, a UNICEF initiative intended to provide clean water for children living in developing countries (see the print ad here).

World Water Day 2008, which will be held Thursday, March 20, will highlight issues on sanitation as part of the UN's International Year of Sanitation. For more great resources on this important project - and to see how you can help - head on over to the IYS 2008 site and check out the rest of UNICEF's work.

Via ::AdFreak: Beware the monsters floating in the water (blog)