Tales of Adam

Tales of Adam, Daniel Quinn’s short collection of parables, offers deep insights into human ecology and cultural evolution. You may read the whole of it in an hour but are likely to ponder it for days afterward. To read it is to observe a father's story telling impart the wisdom of the millennia to a son. Turning the last page, you will be the writer's child, so to speak, carrying forth what you accept of it, and able to pass that along to your own children. The parables are masculine, calmly evocative, and sure to put off ‘animal welfare’ activists with the hunter-gatherer context. For those of us who have bloodied our own hands in re-enacting human ancientness, it's a wonderful read, however. Caution Hunters: killing for sport and trophy hunting are made to feel repugnant. The keep-along message for this reviewer is that conservation is as vital to our humanity as eating is to individual survival. TreeHugger Rating: *****
Tales of Adam
by: Daniel Quinn

Illustrated by Micheal McCurdy

Steerforth Press
Hanover, New Hampshire