Take a Tech Detox on the National Day of Unplugging, March 23rd-24th

Last year I blogged about, and took part in, the National Day of Unplugging, an appeal from non-profit Reboot to take a technology sabbath to reconnect with oneself and the community. By the end of my personalized sabbath I felt rested and energized without doing much more than making a personal pledge to skip e-mail, social media and my laptop.

My 24-hours gadget-free looked like this: yoga, nap, read, rinse, wash, repeat. In short, it felt so good I'll be doing it again (smile) for the 3rd Annual National Day of Unplugging on March 23rd-24th, 2012.

While a tech detox doesn't require a recognized day, busy professionals and Facebook/TV/Smartphone addicts might find the National Day's guiding Ten Principles helpful, let alone, a good excuse to enjoy life's little luxuries (not that we should need an excuse!): connecting with loved ones, nurturing health, getting outside and finding the joy in quiet. I'm pretty sure Pico Iyer -- and our spaceship earth -- would be down with it. Imagine the saved energy if we all jumped in on this. Jump in!

Register here: www.sabbathmanifesto.org/unplug/community

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