Take Part in a Twestival (Twitter Festival) for Charity:Water

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On Thursday, February 12, over 100 cities around the world will be taking part in Twestivals - Twitter festivals - to help raise awareness and funds for a really good cause helping to bring clean, drinkable water to developing nations.

Read on for how you can Twitter your way to a happier world!

On Thursday 12 February 2009, for 24 hours, cities around the world will be hosting "Twestivals", volunteer-run, fundraising events for people who know each other through the micro-blogging service twitter.com. Launching in the week the world watches Obama's historic inauguration, inspired Twitter communities are making plans to come together through the power of the internet. Twitter users from every continent will be forging local and global connections, to raise money for a good cause and in the spirit of fun, change, charity and communication.

The recipient is charity:water, a non-profit that works their tails off with various projects that help quench the thirst of people in developing nations.

Follow twestival for updates and information on how to get involved. If you're not on Twitter and want to find out more, here's a great post to help you get going.

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