Take Action: Waste-Free Lunches

If you have school-age children, you probably know just how much waste a typical lunch contains. Everything is either a single-serving item or wrapped in plastic, wax paper, inside bags or in aluminum foil, etc. Multiply that by the number of children and adults who eat lunches and what you get is a tremendous waste of resources. Enter the Waste Free Lunches project! The objective is to get school communities involved and to spread this trash-less lunch philosophy (if such a thing can be called a philosophy). WasteFreeLunches.com contains information and success stories while LaptopLunches.com is where they sell containers and books on how keep lunches waste-free and interesting. Buying the products might not be for everybody, but the waste-free lunch concept should be on the priority list all teachers and parents. It doesn't only reduce waste, it teaches children important values and that's the most important aspect.

::Waste-Free Lunches, ::Laptop Lunches, via ::Sustainablog