Take Action: Victoria's Dirty Secret


Every day, over 10 million of them are sent to addresses all over the world. Many of the people who get them never wanted them in the first place. They have been the fuel for controversy ranging from religious, to political, to environmental circles. And more than a few relationships have fallen apart under their awesome influence. No, it's not condoms in schools, or virus-infected mosquitoes, or even those annoying dancing penguin E-cards. They're Victoria's Secret catalogues, and they're eating away at the world's forests one sequined garter belt at a time...Victoria's Secret is one of the largest of the hundreds of thousands of catalogue merchandisers who fill our mailboxes daily. And until a short while ago, their circulars (and those of most other companies) were printed on 100% virgin pulp paper. No recycled content at all. And it's not even like it's got to be nice paper: the average lifespan of one of their catalogues is a month at most.

This was the basis for ForestEthics Victoria's Dirty Secret ad campaign. By advocating for consumers to speak out at Victoria's treehurter (you're either a hugger or a hurter, right?) practices they've so far been able to coax a modest improvement to 10% recycled paper stock. But are they satisfied? Heck no! If Victoria's could be convinced to shift to high-recycled content paper, their massive purchasing power would drive the price down for all catalogue publishers, and could trigger an industry-wide shift.

But the VDS campaign needs people like you to make this happen. Write or E-Mail Victoria's, or whatever your favorite catalogue is and let them know where you stand. Together we can keep the trees in the forest where they belong, and not in the bathroom wastebin.
:: Victoria's Dirty Secret Campaign by ForestEthics [by DM]