Take Action: Green Investments

Before we start, I want to make it clear that I am not qualified to give financial advice, so consider this more a reminder and suggestion than anything else... So here we go: According to our surveys, our readers are, on average, highly educated and have good incomes (they are high on the Global Rich List). It should then be fairly safe to assume that many are putting their money elsewhere than under a mattress. Sadly, too few people realize that even if they lead a virtuous life and try to have a healthy personal relationship with nature, their money could be working against them if it is invested in polluting and destructive enterprises. What I recommend is that you ask your financial advisor about green and ethical funds, or if you own stocks of a polluting corporation, consider letting them know – as a shareholder – that you would like them to get a better environmental policy (or you could just sell the stock and invest the money somewhere else). Money is a powerful tool. Use it for good.