Take Action: Demand Congress Enact Strong Renewable Energy, Climate Change Legislation at Power Shift 09

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Simple changes you can make to your lifestyle are only going to take the environmental movement so far. To start making the structural changes in our society that can transition us to a more ecological sustainable future, the type of changes that no amount of individual action alone will accomplish, we’re going to have to get more political. You can kick off your new political activism at Power Shift 09, February 27-March 2 in Washington DC: The event hopes to bring tens of thousand of youth leaders from across the United States to the Capital to demand that the President and Congress pass legislation that places renewable energy and green job creation at the top of the agenda, and creates a strong and aggressive cap on carbon emissions.

Given that President Obama seems to fully support such measures already, this is less a protest, but more a show of popular support and pressure, to make sure the usual Washington DC shenanigans don’t water down, distort or otherwise delay these crucial steps.

Workshops, Career Fair & Lobbying Congress
The four-day summit will include dozens of panels and workshops, a career fair and the all important Lobby Day:

You and thousands of your peers, representing all 50 states and hundreds of congressional districts will go to Capitol Hill to demand bold and urgent action directly from your leaders and their staff, so that they are held accountable in safeguarding our future.

The Power Shift 09 Lobby Day Ask/Policy Committee is currently working on a set of official policy principles: You can provide input these on their site.

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