Take a Look at the Grassroots & Gasroots of the Fracking Fight

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We've written a bunch about fracking lately--less colloquially called hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. It's an increasingly hot issue in New York and Pennsylvania as companies attempt to access the trillion dollars worth of natural gas locked up in the Marcellus Shale...and create a lot of problems for groundwater in the process. If you want a very personal account of the anti-fracking fight, take the next four minutes and thirty nine seconds and check out this great video on Vimeo, Grassroots & Gasroots from Jason Greene and Josh Meltzer--I'd embed it above, but for some reason embedding has been disabled.

victoria lesser screengrab image

In any case, it tells the story of how Victoria Lesser (above) became an outspoken anti-fracking activist in the Catskills. It's really a great portrait of her and of the battle to ban fracking more broadly. Hope you check it out.

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