Take a Dive In a Virtual Dumpster


TreeHugger knows there's an art and a science to dumpster diving, and, even though one person's garbage can often be someone else's treasure, the idea of rooting through the trash isn't everyone's (free) cup of tea, even when there are things like million dollar paintings lurking beneath aging banana peels and chicken bones.

Enter Virtual Dumpsters, a Freecycle-esque online stuff swap that employs the vast power of the internet to help find new homes for old stuff, all for free.Once you register and get a "vDumpster," upload your unwanted wares into your virtual dumpster; other users can search by location or for the stuff they want, and when a match is made, your old stuff gets a new home. You can also search for things you want, and can extend the searching even further by joining or starting a vDumpster Group.

They've made it easy to keep track of what's available out there, providing RSS alerts of new offerings, and have a Forum for users to chat about their virtual dumpster diving ideas and issues. In addition to virtual diving here in the US, the service is also available in the United Kingdom and Australia, and the worldwide network is working on a few features to make it even easier to use: photo uploads, live chat, GPS location finder and more. Check out their site for more, and, the next time you clean out the garage or attic, consider taking a dive in a virtual dumpster before tossing it in the real thing. ::vDumpsters

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