T-Shirts Printed With Real Spilled Gulf Oil? Yep.

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Credit: ihelpedcleanupthegulfoilspill.com

Another day, another BP Gulf oil spill story. With a twist. A Kansas man frustrated by damage to the Gulf of Mexico has turned lemons, er, oil into printing ink. Steve Brooker is using reclaimed oil from the environmental disaster to print T-shirts and make neckaces, and giving some of the proceeds to wildlife groups. The oil is mixed with the ink to print the T-shirts. The necklaces come with a vial of oil attached. Prices start at $20, notes local station KMBC.

Five bucks from every purchase goes to a wildlife group chosen by the customer such as Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research or National Wildlife Federation.

Brooker says every shirt and necklace represents one small step taken to clean up the Gulf.

If nothing else, this is a story with a long URL. You can find the T-shirts at ihelpedcleanupthegulfoilspill.com.

"Oil used to print the t-shirts or contained in our vial necklaces won't be in the Gulf anymore and that's a good thing!" exclaims an About page on the site.

"Admittedly, the amounts of oil used are small and meant to be symbolic. By purchasing our Gulf Oil Necklaces and T-Shirts you show that you are doing your part to help clean up this mess."

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post noted that the National Audubon Society is one of the groups receiving proceeds from sales of the Oil Spill T-shirts. According to National Audubon Society, a partnership between Mr. Brooker and Audubon does not exist.

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