T-Shirt Company Helps Public Give BP the What-For

bang the drum tour image

Photo via UNitedWeFit

UNitedWeFit is making sure that BP hears everyone's opinion about the oil disaster. In a nation-wide tour called "Bang the Drum," they're taking oil barrels into public places and allowing anyone to write their thoughts onto them. They'll then be hand-delivered to BP's offices in Houston, Texas on July 20th. The tour is wrapping up in San Francisco and Berkeley, California. But it made stops in New York at a Faith No More concert, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Hollywood. No doubt, the drums have collected an ample supply of comments.

Whether or not this will catch the ear of BP is still unclear. The company is already aware of the animosity felt towards them by masses of people after their massive incompetence was shown when their failed safety 101 -- as well as clean-up 101, and public relations 101.

But even if BP dismisses the delivered drums, they at least give people in areas other than the gulf a chance to vent their frustrations.

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