SXSW People Choice Award: Vote Early, Vote Often!


We told you last Friday a little while ago that TreeHugger was a finalist for South by Southwest's Interactive Award in the "Classic" category, but we also have a shot with the People's Choice Award.

Voting for that award is a bit special, but it takes 10 seconds: You go to the People's Choice website, give them your email and they send you a "pass phrase". With it you can vote once every day until March 2nd.

We're not asking you to vote every day (but if you want to, hey, we appreciate it), but we'll post reminders a few times between now and March 2nd. Thank you for your support, it means a lot to us (without you, we wouldn't be doing all of this)! After the jump, some screen grabs (they are not "live", you can't click on them) so you can see the different steps to vote. ::SXSW People's Choice Award


Here you enter your email address the first time you vote, and the following times you just enter your "pass phrase".


We're in the "classic" category.


Thank you for your vote! ::SXSW People's Choice Award

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