"Sweet Avenger" on Animal Planet Celebrates Vegan Baker-Superhero

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Image: screenshot via vegantreats.com

Any vegan who has been to or lives in NYC or Pennsylvania or anywhere else within Danielle Konya's distribution area probably knows her work: Vegan Treats baked goods. The (amazing) peanut butter bomb is probably her signature treat, but there are plenty of others to choose from. Danielle Konya and her celebrated vegan bakery will now be the subject of a new show signed by Animal Planet. From The Hollywood Reporter:

The docusoap centers on animal rights activist and vegan baker Danielle Konya, the 36-year-old founder and owner of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based Vegan Treats. The series is set to bow this summer and revolves around Konya's busy life -- she's a single mother raising an adopted daughter - and her growing business, which she runs with a little help from her mom and best friend.

"I want to show people that by eating a vegan confection, you're directly saving the lives of cows, chickens and thereby the environment and habitats of thousands of other exotic species," says Konya. "There's nothing appetizing about the suffering of 10 billion animals a year, and my treats can satisfy both the palate and the conscience."

From Oprah to Animal Planet, it seems like there's a growing understanding not only of some of the reasons that veganism makes sense, from environmentalism to concern for animals, but also that it doesn't need to mean eating apple slices for dessert. It's not a mantra of all health all the time. (Although being vegan does make it easier to stay relatively healthy without trying as hard!)

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