Swap-O-Rama Rama: This Weekend in NYC


Do you dig recycling, fashion, do-it-yourself crafting and a generally having a good time? We know you do, which is why all TreeHuggers in NYC should head over to Swap-O-Rama Rama this Sunday, February 12, from 2-7pm. The event is a seasonal clothing swap and series of do-it-yourself workshops in which a community explores creative reuse through the recycling of used clothing; this time, it's at Galapagos at 70 N 6th between Wythe and Kent. Bring at least one bag of your unwanted clothing and a $10.00 donation and dive in to find your next favorite garment from the pile. It's all free, so take as little or as much clothing from this pile as you like. Right along the lines of Jacob's "seek and ye shall find" post from yesterday, this event offers a great opportunity to switch out your old, unused apparel for unknown treasures galore. There are also DIY workshops by local artists who are there to teach reconstruction/deconstruction sewing and crafting and a fashion runway to show off the best new finds -- ooh la la! The last event, in October 2005, had over 500 participants and recycled over 3000 pounds of clothing. ::Swap-O-Rama Rama via ::PopGadget