Swap and Save (the Planet) Product Guide

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The Just Green It! book recommends the Global Sun Oven in place of a microwave. Photos by R.Cruger

Know someone who is green about being green? When Lisa Beres of Green Nest was touring the country for her children's book, My Body My House, she discovered a lot of people who weren't yet on board with eco-friendly products. "We're in a green bubble," Lisa admitted. "They'd ask, 'Bleach is bad, really?'" So she and her husband Ron Beres set out to create Just Green It!, a go-to guide of eco-friendliness for newbies to the cause and an easy reference for everyone. The Good, the Green and the Convenient

On page 122 of Just Green It!, Lisa and Ron explain the Good, the Green and the Convenient Truth of green products, such as recommending Seventh Generation's Chlorine Free Bleach as an alternative for Clorox. Then on page 123 they explain the Ugly and Inconvenient Truth about bleach and why to "Skip It!" to avoid damage to the eyes, throat, lungs and liver from this common poisonous household chemical.

Though it may seems obvious that artificially sweetened Coke or 7-Up isn't a sustainable choice for a beverage, the book explains why and suggests juice-based drinks instead. And it's not just the skeptics or the indifferent who guzzle the stuff. Not everybody knows the fundamentals that Treehuggers take for granted. There are natural, organic and sustainable replacements recommended for every vinyl, virgin wood, fiberglass and paraffin item.

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Ron and Lisa Beres, authors of "Just Green It!" at book signing

At a recent book signing at Evolue, a green cosmetic and beauty products boutique in Los Angeles, filled with lines like chemical-free W3LL, Tata Harper and Nuxe, the couple explained that many people first become aware when they have kids. Though Just Do It! is about 'navigating the green marketplace and reducing your carbon footprint," a study last year concluded that the majority of consumers who use eco-friendly products do so because they fear toxins, not for the environment. They're not motivated to save the planet as much as for their families' health.

Ron and Lisa, certified green building professionals and Building Biology Environmental Consultants (BBECs), have appeared on Planet Green's Greenovate show to demonstrate how they greenify a home. Their resource, a natural product of their work, sheds light on everyday products, like LCD TV vs. plasma televisions and air-tube cell phone headsets. Global issues of recycling electronics as well as the hidden dangers of chemicals are brought up. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, simple alternatives are suggested.


Evolue green boutique in Los Angeles filled with natural beauty products.

Covering toys to diapers, pets, personal care, the home, the kitchen, and appliances, the book offers details on more than 200 products, including energy consumption to green vacations, an index of websites, 10 step lists, and insights for those with or without a green lifestyle, ready or not.

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Swap and Save (the Planet) Product Guide
Know someone who is green about being green? When Lisa Beres of Green Nest was touring the country for her children's book, My Body My House, she

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