's List of Sustainable Stocks

stockmarket-01.jpg has published a list of what it considers to be the world's top 20 "sustainable stocks". These are publicly traded corporations that the website's analysts consider the best at creating a sustainable economy. The goals of the list are to "educate the public and to help investors who want to put their money in socially responsible companies". We at Treehugger haven't done research to verify all entries, so don't take our posting of this as an endorsement of the list (meaning: don't blame us if you lose money or if it is later known that a company was not so green after all), but many interesting companies are in there and it can be used as one of many tools when making investment decisions. Some entries are surprising, like Chiquita, but apparently they are a very different company today than what the old stories about them might make us think (anybody can confirm that?). Read on for the list.Here is the list:

Baldor Electric Co. (NYSE:BEZ)

Canon Inc. (NYSE:CAJ)

Chiquita Brands International (NYSE:CQB)

East Japan Railway (Tokyo:9020)

Electrolux AB (Stockholm: ELUXB)

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (Nasdaq:GMCR)

Henkel (Berlin: HEN.BE)

Herman Miller (NYSE:MLHR)

Natura Cosm├ęticos SA (Sao Paolo:NATU3.SA)

Novozymes A/S (Copenhagen: NZYMb.CO)

Power Integrations (Nasdaq: POWI)

Sharp Corp. (Tokyo: 6753)

Sims Group Ltd. (Australia: SMS.AX)

SolarWorld AG (Berlin: SWV.BE)

STMicroelectronics NV (NYSE:STM)

Swiss Re (Geneva: RUKN:SWX)

Timberland Company (NYSE:TBL)

Umweltbank AG (Berlin: UBK.BE)

Vestas Wind Systems AS (Copenhagen: VWS.CO)

Whole Foods Market (WFMI)

Honorable Mention: Precious Woods (Geneva: PRWN: SWX) Lists its Top 20 Sustainable Stocks