Sustainable Living Roadshow Brings Sustainable Ideas to the People

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Image: Sustainable Living Roadshow

The largest biofuel powered caravan in the country has been on the road all summer, bringing the Sustainable Living Roadshow to cities near you. The tour is a fun way to bring sustainability living strategies—everything from the practical to the visionary to the entertaining—directly to people in an engaging, outdoor environment.

Check out the tour's remaining dates to see if it'll be stopping in a town near you. The Roadshow is all off-the-grid and sets up eco-carnivals with experiential learning villages that feature workshops, speakers, and entertainment.

The schedule is available online, but here's a quick overview:

October 1-16: Right2Know March for GMO labeling, from Brooklyn to Washington, DC

Daily events at Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Coops

October 8: Philadelphia, PA
October 13: MICA Baltimore, MD
October 16: R2K on the Capital Mall - Washington, DC
October 19: George Mason University, Washington, DC
October 21-23: Roanoke Outdoor Circus
November 4: Southeastern Student Renewable Energy Conference, University of North Carolina - Asheville
November 11-13: Austin, TX

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