Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne, Australia


This weekend the city centre of Melbourne comes alive with a three day festival of sustainability. There'll be talks, music, film, exhibits, art, workshops and much more besides. The aim of event is to get the citizens of Victoria to make moves to reduce their ecological footprint (hence the thong imagery - an Australian lifestyle icon.) Last year 120,000 people attended so they must be doing something right. You can read here all about the multitude of activities, like The World's Biggest Organic Lunch. But equally interesting are the back-of-house initiatives for the festival. They aim for it to become "Australia 's first totally waste free event" a Waste Wise team will separate paper, glass, cans, plastic for recycling, with food waste being composted. A Wash against Waste station cleans plates and cutlery from food reduce use of disposables. Green Power is bought for all event electricity needs, while the office is solar powered. Promotional materials utilise waterless printing, veggie based inks on to post-consumer recycled paper. To encourage visitors to ride to the festival, a Bike Hub valet service is provided, with its own bike mechanic. ::About Sustainable Living Festival.