Sustainable Living Festival 2007


We’ve made note of the Sustainable Living Festival for the past one or two years, and would you believe it, it’s on yet again. For the eighth time, in fact. Last year they had over 120,000 happy visitors thronging about this free eco-fest. With over 150 exhibitors, plus more than 300 talks and workshops, and film, art and performance you can see that there might be something to attract attention. Will be curious to see if they have an even bigger roll-up this year, given the amazing level of media exposure that Australia has seen in the past 12 months regarding climate change and sustainable water management. A thread which appears to have be followed up with the very topical theme for this years festival: 'Sustainability - how do you do it?' Maybe you begin by listening to Peter Singer discuss the ethics of what we eat. Or how about this debate: Going carbon neutral, as carbon offsets the real deal or simply more greenwash? Then there are talks on organic cooking, climate change for kids, who killed the Australian electric cars, peak oil and even top ten tips for environmental career changers. And, as they say, much more. It all happens during the 16th to 18th of February, in Melbourne, Victoria. ::Sustainable Living Festival 2007.

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