Sustainable Food Leaders Honored At Glynwood Harvest Awards

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Fred Kirschenmann by Jason Bolton

Last week I highlighted Will Allen's MacArthur genius grant. This is surely the richest award given to a sustainable agriculture leader and is much deserved. (Another, just as worthy, sustainable food pioneer, Gary Nabhan was named a MacArthur Genius back in 1990, but he won it as an ethnobotanist and writer.)

On October 27, the not-for-profit Glynwood Center is throwing an awards event of their own at Beacon Restaurant in New York City. Their sixth annual Harvest Awards will be presented to "individuals and organizations from across the country that do an exceptional job of supporting local and regional agriculture and increases access to fresh, healthy food."

Glynwood is wise to keep the number of awards to an efficient five. And the winners are:Glynwood Medal for Distinguished Leadership - Fred Kirschenmann
Kirschenmann is an organic farmer, educator, Distinguished Fellow at the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture and the President of Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. This is the first year for this award and Kirschenmann is a worthy inaugural recipient.

The Glynwood Farmer Harvest Award - Robert Hastings, Farm Manager, Rivermede Farm, Keene Valley, New York
Hasting is being recognized for advances in season extension and pesticide-free production on his farm. He has also installed a photovoltaic system for the farm’s electrical needs and a geothermal system to heat his greenhouses with the hope of being 90 percent oil independent in the next three years.

The Glynwood Good Food for Health Harvest Award - Garden Resource Program, Detroit, Michigan
Detroit is a hotbed of sorts for urban agriculture. Sami reported on the urban ag movement in Detroit earlier this year, highlighting how urban farming is "mobilizing the local community for increased self-reliance." The Garden Resource program is a collaborative effort by groups working in the Detroit area.

The Glynwood Harvest Award for Connecting Communities, Farmers and Food - FoodRoutes Network & the Buy Fresh Buy Local® Program, a national network
based in Pennsylvania

If you're looking to start a "buy local" campaign in your neighborhood, FoodRoutes should be your first stop. They've helped 72 local chapters in 43 states start such campaigns.

Wave of the Future Harvest Award - Nuestras Raíces, Holyoke, MA

"Nuestras Raíces is a model approach to developing meaningful economic, cultural, and leadership opportunities in a small industrial city fallen on hard times." Their work is just one more example of how food can bring hope and opportunity to our troubling times.

Judith LaBelle, President of Glynwood Center enthuses about this year's awards.

We are inspired to see a continued raising of the bar as to what is regarded as special and exemplary from our candidates. This year we saw a trend towards efforts designed to encourage increased production of food in urban areas and to expand access to underserved communities. There has also been an increase in projects designed to bring farming back to regions that until recently had been written off and in the development of innovative techniques that work to extend the farming season in regions where the growing months had previously been considered too short to bother.

via The Glynwood Center
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