Sustainable Design Exhibition at the First Brazilian Design Biennale


If you happen to be in São Paulo before July 30th, don't miss the first Brazilian Design Biennale, that's taking place at Oca (Parque do Ibirapuera) until that date. The event's goal is to show how Brazilian design has evolved over the years, its actual state and the different paths and initiatives its professionals have taken, along with the results they've achieved. "The Biennale aims to stimulate a shift in the direction the future is being build, parting from a reading of the past, of the way design has evolved. It's also a reconstruction of the moment we're in, ten years after the Brazilian Design Program was launched", said the organizers (the organization Programa Brasileiro do Design). Besides that, it aims to prove that design is not a frivolous thing to make products nicer, but a tool to create solutions that improve people's lives, production, and human relations. Inside the exhibition there's a special place dedicated to Socio Environment Responsibility, put together by Oficina Nomade's Christian Ullman. This area shows works such as the winners of the +Design -Waste contest, and different products developed with local communities and artisans. "Socio Environment design emerges as an indispensable tool to enrich the product's purpose, its strategy and the system in which it works; and Brazil's social and environmental characteristics are a unique thing the world wants to discover", said Ullman. For further information visit Programa Brasileiro do Design's website. (Check some pics of the exhibitions in the extended).


Some winning designs of the +Design -Waste award.


The 80s part of the historical exhibition.


Some modern designs by Claudia Moreira Salles.