Sustainable design at D.Day Expo in Pompidou, Paris

Those who have already climbed the famous glass tube stair of the Pompidou Centre in Paris will be delighted to discover the themes of the D-Day exhibition running from June, 29th to Oct, 17th 2005. For newcomers, that might be the occasion to enter the world of contemporary design from a sustainable perspective. Covering many areas of design such as well being, interactive communication or biotechnologies, DDay expo also puts a strong focus on humanitarian and sustainable issues.Some objects exhibited are not unknown to treehuggers : Augustin Solar Water Purifier (Watercone), Freeplay Lifeline Radio... Treehuggers and DIYers will learn how to cook with the CooKits or SK14 solar stoves (image above). Big players have joined the game, such as the Lafuma brand who specializes in sportsgear : engineers have designed for the event their own eco-chair .

The subjects of the event do not stay within the 'gadget' area. Policitical and citizen issues, such as shelter for survival in western towns, are studied, imagined, and explored within the visual and sound framework of this exhibition. With lots of new elements being brought to the public, this kind of exhibition in a major contemporary venue proves that the road is wide open to more inventions to come and hit the mainstream.

:: DDay at Pompidou (in french)
:: D-Day, the movie trailer (Flash)