Sustainability Does Not Yet Exist in Spanish

sostenibilidad doesn't exist in Microsoft WORD IMAGE

Last weekend we attended the creative event Pecha Kucha Night Barcelona, where creative people could informally show their work and ideas. One such creative was Ignasi Pérez, the Spanish sustainable architect who just launched the book ECO Productos (not yet available in English). Read on to see what Pérez has to say about The Three Little Pigs and the word 'sustainability' which doesn't exist in Spanish...With his 20 images that appeared 20 seconds each (the format of Pecha Kucha Night), Pérez told us his version of the fairy tale of The Three Little Pigs. Unlike in the original tale, the piglet who builds a house from straw, as well as his brother who builds one from wood, are the clever ones according to Pérez, because their houses are much more sustainable than their brother's who builds it out of bricks in order not to get eaten by the wolf.

Apart from this new take-on of Joseph Jacobs' tale (1890), Pérez also shared the reason he found, as to why Southern countries, especially Spanish-speaking ones, are still very much behind on applying sustainability in architecture and design. He explained that "it's not surprising for us not to care so much about sustainability, since the word 'sustainability' basically doesn't exist". Well, at least not in Microsoft Word, because each time you write 'sostenibilidad' (meaning 'sustainability' in Spanish), the wavy red line appears underneath! We checked the Real Academia Española, the official dictionary of the Spanish language, and it says "La palabra sostenibilidad no está en el Diccionario.", meaning: "the word sustainability is not in the dictionary". Definitely an interesting thought. We hope the word 'sostenibilidad' gets added soon to the Spanish vocabulary. Via ::Pecha Kucha Night Barcelona ::Ignasi Pérez

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