Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner with (Not-So-Green) Family

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Thanksgiving -- it's the best of times, it's the worst of times. Like most Americans, I look forward to Thanksgiving every year. There's the great food, the family traditions, and the fact that it's all about community and being thankful rather than about how much stuff you can buy (that's the day after Thanksgiving).

But it's also a time when many of us environmentalists butt heads with some of our more distant relatives. Imagine it now: Showing up to the table and the only open seat is the one next to Uncle Bert, a guy who hasn't missed a tea party protest all year.Several years ago, when someone at the Sierra Club was explaining how she was dreading this aspect of Thanksgiving, we came up with the idea of a Holiday Survival Guide -- a crib note of sorts for environmentalists who get asked all sorts of crazy questions at the dinner table during the holiday season. It's now one of our own traditions, updated yearly with the most recent issues and topics.

Check out this year's guide to see how you might respond to a conspiracy-theorist uncle and a coal-booster aunt, a clueless cousin and a feisty younger sister. Really, you can use it for Thanksgiving or any holiday dinner you've got coming up this winter.

And when you're done, add your tips and stories in our Holiday Survival Support Group on Climate Crossroads.

Want a fun way to share the guide with friends? Send them a Sierra Club holiday e-card today.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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