Survey: Would You Pay A Premium To Go Green?

In a review of former Treasury Secretary Robert Reich's new book Supercapitalism, Stephen Kotkin of the New York Times writes that we are hypocrites. "One of the book's examples of consumers' hypocrisy has to do with canned tuna. J. W. Connolly, former president of Heinz U.S.A., which was the parent company of StarKist, explains that "consumers wanted a dolphin-safe product," but "if there was a dolphin-safe can of tuna next to a regular can, people chose the cheaper product. Even if the difference was a penny." The company terminated its higher-cost effort to protect dolphins. After all, it's a business, beholden to consumers and shareholders." BoingBoing asks, "Are we as a species unable to rectify higher personal cost for an ultimate societal benefit?"