Survey: Who's Your Green Villain?

My Green Villian

Image by MyGreenVillain

If you liked My Green Hero, you'll love My Green Villain; infamy has this appeal. Much like the first, the survey looks at U.S. consumers' darker archetypes in an attempt to provide better motivators for both consumers and business. Results are tabulated, and if desired, SOAP will send them to you when the survey is complete. However, unlike the first one there are only 6 characters this time, but there's also a twist at the end.

The twist is that you after you hunt though the Oil Tycoon, the Eco-Terrorist, and the Unconcerned Citizen, among others, you actually get to choose a real, live human being for each category at the end for several of the archetypes. I won't give away the names, but let's just say that perhaps the more conservative AND more liberal among us might be a little freaked out. Villany is a dark sky; indifference is the opposite of love; Kum Ba Ya still has meaning; let's not take it too seriously. But I waited with sharpened pencil for this one; there was some virtual poking. SOAP
Who's the Industrial Villain Now?
Pedestrian Crosswalks as Eco-Villain
Child Climate Cops? Way, way, over the top