Survey: Who's Your Green Hero?

my green hero

Image by MyGreenHero

Taking stock of the green public zeitgeist is always a good idea; the more meaningful numbers, the better this dirt clod will be run.  In this groove, The SOAP Group (a (rare) certified B Corporation) has started, a cultural survey that looks at U.S. consumers' hero archetypes in an attempt to provide better motivators for both consumers and business to "emulate the hero."  The survey works as follows; users rate nine different personas ('Soccer Mom', 'Green Socialite', 'Treehugger', etc.) on a variety of different hero attributes using a scale from 1 to 7.  Results are tabulated, and if desired, SOAP will send them to you when the survey is complete.
Taking the survey is interesting; barring the early morning glee of running a satisfying string of 1s down a particular character's dance card, my answers didn't always congrue with my thoughts; I gave vegetarians the highest marks with, of all things, politicians the second place medal.  Heroes are of course self-defined; one might base their merits on previous actions and perceived motivations, which is an interesting experiment in and of itself.  If you find this one delightful, wait for MyGreenVillian, which is coming at the beginning of December; my pencil will be sharp.  SOAP
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