Survey: What Tribe Are You?

We are preaching to the converted by running this survey on TreeHugger, but who knows. The Climate Group, "an independent, nonprofit organisation dedicated to advancing business and government leadership on climate change" surveyed people in the UK (are they still called British Subjects?) to "track year-on-year consumer perceptions of how brands are performing on climate change. Looking in detail at individuals’ attitudes and behaviours, the research segmented the consumer market into six ‘tribes’. This shows how UK consumers are motivated by very distinct drivers, which require different approaches from brands." Their findings in the UK are below the fold, but before you go there,

The big new differences revealed are those within the most engaged part of the market: the contrast between the concerned but pessimistic ‘campaigners’ (27%), and the feel-good ‘optimists’ (17%) and their ‘seen-to-be-green’ followers (9%).

The research shows that still nearly a third of consumers have not been won over by the need to take action around climate change. Two ‘tribes’ dominate this group: the ‘unwilling’ (12%) who are accepting of the issue, but not prepared to act, and the ‘rejecters’ (16%) who confidently reject the issue feeling informed enough to do so.