Survey: What is the Greenest Form of Transportation?

Warren goes back to the dawn of TreeHugger when he had to enter posts with punchcards to say that bikes are. However in his post on the Jano Bike, commenter Tim said " I would have to say that Sailboats are rather greener. Whereas with a bicycle, you must fuel yourself with food and water (try as you might, but its hard to supply truly environmental /animal/ labor exploitation-free foods in civilization). WIth sailing, the wind moves you. Wind, just a good form of free solar energy. And rather than the production-intensive nature of refining rubber, kevlar, steel, aluminum, and plastic for bikes, all a sail boat needs is wood and fabric. Two very renewable resources."

I must say that it has been a while since I have seen a sailboat that was wood and fabric; Larry Ellison couldn't make his move very fast with materials much slicker than that. And bikes weigh a lot less than any boat on the water other than a single scull. And we all have to eat anyways.