Survey: What Do You Think Of Our Surveys?

When I write a survey, I try to: 1) make it entertaining and fun to read; 2) cover an area of interest in a timely fashion; 3) cover as big a spectrum of possible answers. I also assume that people who read TreeHugger accept that its writers have particular biases and are not surprised if the surveys reflect that. In our last survey on eating habits I tried to cover a lot of options including sustainably raised meat, but got comments ranging from "What a sh**y narrow minded pole,Give your readers at least a smidgeon of respect instead of this." to "Honestly I normally skip the polls on Treehugger because they tend to come across as overly biased and the snarkiness of the writing generally fails at entertaining." and worse. Maybe it is just that posts involving meat bring out the passion, or maybe we could do this better.