Survey: What Do You Dislike About Taking The Bus?

crowded bus india photo

treehugger survey graphic image

We talk a lot about public transit, and the ideas that could make it better, like the Nextbus system or new designs that give you privacy while you ride. While the ideal might be the Google Bus, fully wified with cellphone alerts and filled with nice rich young people who work for the same progressive company, the reality often feels more like India.

google bus photo

The Google Bus, with wifi, leather seats, biodiesel and people just like you.

Yesterday we were told to stop with the negative headlines on public transit, and were told ". Driving and flying are often more miserable experiences than [public] transit." We agree, and are big supporters of the public systems and write about it all the time. But there is no question, in many parts of North America, it is not what it should be and it should be improved.

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