Survey: Should We Publish This Crap?

I like Al Gore and think that probably most TreeHugger readers do. Yet I get a constant stream of comments criticizing him, using the same tired arguments about the size of his house or the distance he travels, often on unrelated posts. The latest :
It is easy when you are rich to be "Carbon Neutral". Take our esteamed friend AL Gore as your example. Yes he flies around in a private jet telling all of us little people to walk and what ever else is in his little speach. Then in order to stay carbon neutral, he buys carbon offsets from a company that he owns. You see it is easy, and you can get ignorant people to hail you as a hero at the same time. It is quite the ego builder.
TreeHugger filters comments for obscenity or spam, but otherwise usually publishes what people write. But I am tired of Gore bashing like this and don't want to give it bandwidth any more.