Survey: Should Bicyclists Use iPods?

In Amsterdam people do everything on bikes, this woman has both headphones and a cellphone. (and we know, no helmet.) In North America, where bicyclists are second class citizens, Dr. Gridlock of the Globe and Mail says "wearing earphones is just one of a range of crazy risk-taking behaviours on display in bike lanes across the city, as is squeezing alongside giant trucks and buses and blowing through traffic lights. This climate of craziness is also self-defeating if you are interested in promoting cycling, as it makes non-cyclists think taking a bike out onto Toronto's streets is strictly for the unhinged, when it should be for everyone."

Dr. Gridlock's beat is discovering what slows drivers down, and smearing a cyclist across the pavement can certainly spoil your day, but he has a point. As Constable Burns of the Toronto Police says, "How are you going to supposed to hear a car coming up behind you if you are cranking the tunes?"

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