Survey: Recyling Fees or Deposits?


People in Ontario, Canada, will have to pay an "eco-tax" that will be used exclusively to cover recycling costs. "Outdated electronic products contain toxic components, like mercury, that pose an environmental threat," Environment Minister Laurel Broten said yesterday. "We have to stop sending this stuff to landfills and start finding more sensible ways to manage what we discard ... through reuse and recycling." Fees could range from $5 for a laptop to $12 for a monitor to $45 for a 46" TV as they do in other provinces like Alberta or Saskatchewan. ::The Star

But do such taxes change behaviour or reinforce bad habits? If one has paid the tax, does one then feel free to just toss it onto the curb? (or out the window like they did on SCTV?) Perhaps deposits are better because they encourage the owner to do something instead of passing it on to the government? Or should the manufacturer and retailer be responsible for taking it back?

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